Source Civil Ltd. is conscious of its responsibility for the protection of the environment for this and future generations to come. We are committed to minimising environmental impact throughout our sphere of activities.

To achieve this we operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) in line with the ISO 14001:2005 standards. A key measure within the EMS is the Environmental Management Plan which is developed for every project. This comprehensive document is based on specific processes such as Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s) and Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP’s) which are uniquely tailored to the location and scope of works being undertaken. The objective of these processes is to deliver the most efficient use of energy, reduce waste, recycle materials and mitigate against or eliminate pollutants.

It is the aim of Source Civil Ltd to carry out its operations according to the procedures, to promote good environmental practice, whilst as a minimum complying with all relevant environmental laws and statutory provisions of the EU, UK and Ireland in particular. We, when necessary, will adopt our own environmental standards if current laws and standards do not afford adequate protection.

We ensure that sufficient facilites, information, instruction, training and supervision are provided to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainability within everything we do.