Source Civil was appointed civils contractor in the construction of the 75MW Poolbeg Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Plant connecting to the Eirgrid 220kV system via the Poolbeg 220kV substation. The scope of works included civil works associated with the electrical balance of plant, including all civil works for all the BESS equipment. A 220kV underground gridline circuit was successfully installed through the main roads within the existing power plant, navigating the many services encountered to successfully achieve a high-quality installation in a highly congested operational brownfield site.

Summary of the project

  • Carry out site investigation & Traffic Management
  • Carry out a full topographical survey
  • Site Enabling Works to facilitate grounding of existing overhead cables including:
  • Installation of ducting under live 110KV cables
  • Constructing of new cable pulling chambers
  • Construction of 18 Reinforced Concrete Battery Core Bases
  • Construction of 18 Reinforced Concrete MV Skid Bases
  • Construction of Reinforced Concrete Base for Proposed PEC Building
  • Installation of Petrol Interceptor
  • Construction of Reinforced Concrete 33kv Transformer Bund
  • Site Earthworks
  • Construction of 2 Reinforced Concrete Blast Walls (9M High)
  • Construction of Bunded HOT and Emergency Generator Bases
  • Construction of Blockwork Cable Channel to facilitate Cable Routing
  • Ducting and chambers
  • 190m3 Attenuation Tank
  • Boundary Fencing to ESB specification to the entire site.
  • Works undertaken on live 220Kv|38Kv Substation