Source appointed PSCS by Microsoft to complete site establishment and security works on a new site in Paris, France. A natural pond within the site contained protected amphibians which under Sources scope of works had to be removed while still protecting the frogs. The northern perimeter of the site borders the A86 motorway in order to secure this perimeter a reinforced barrier wall with palisade fence erected on top was constructed.

SUMMARY of the project

  • Create site access and install security gates
  • Create access route around perimeter of the site
  • Construction of site compound, site offices and set down area
  • Demolition of defective concrete wall and erection of temporary road barrier bordering the A86 motorway
    which involved major traffic management measures involving a lane closure
  • Construction of reinforced concrete wall with palisade fence to northern permitter working on a busy live motorway with lane closures
  • Erection of timber hoarding to perimeter of site
  • Decommissioning of substation on site
  • Source appointed a specialist ecological contractor to dewater the pond, conduct a dry survey of the area and quantify the frogs and species within the pond, then upon completion of the survey flood the pond once again.
  • Once the water had settled the specialist then again removed all the water and amphibians from the pond and relocated same off site.