Source Civil Ltd was appointed as the specialist civil contractor by Atlantic Projects Company to construct a bridge across a river in order to gain access to the Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine Flexible Generation Power Plant.


  • Source Civil commenced by installing exclusion zones due to working within close proximity of high-voltage overhead cables. A height restrictor within the excavator was also set within regulations to ensure the safety of all operators and ground personnel.
  • Source Civil then began excavating for the bridge abutments which included breaking and removal of 100 tonnes of soft rock.
  • Source was tasked with the installation of a temporary dewatering pond and dewatering system as excavations were required below the water table.
  • Mass concrete fill to support the bridge abutments, quantities of over 200m3.
  • Installation of a further 100 tonnes of reinforced concrete to form the bridge abutments.
  • Once cured 15-meter-long precast bridge beams were installed spanning from abutment to abutment.
  • Source then commenced further formwork and reinforcement installation to install the 40 cubic meters in-situ concrete bridge deck. This deck included ducting to carry services through the structure.