Source were appointed PSCS and Specialist Works Contractor to carry out the removal of an existing steel footbridge and fabricate and install a replacement bridge. The existing bridge structure had severely corroded, with some structural members disintegrating resulting in the bridge being no longer fit for purpose. In order to remove the existing bridge and install the newly fabricated bridge Source required a road closure on the n56 – this was obtained through application to Donegal County Council and granted on the basis of a diversion being provided.

There was considerable decay and rust particles falling from the existing bridge so before removal Source installed a woven terram basket under the entire length of the bridge to prevent and debris falling into the river, once secured the existing bridge was removed using a crane set up on the n56 some 55 meters from the opposite riverbank. The newly fabricated bridge was delivered to site in 3 sections as the span was too great to deliver in one. Once onsite Source Civil completed the connection of all 3 sections and then craned the new bridge into position.