Source Civil Ltd was appointed as the main contractor to carry out works to for the Inland Fisheries of Ireland. Source Civil was responsible for the roles of PSCS. The project was carried out in a SAC area and on a river famous for Salmon and therefore extreme environmental procedures had to be in place during the works.


The project involved the following:
• Construction of a reinforced concrete crump weir which extended the full width of the river a length of 22m.
• Counting electrodes were installed in the top surface of the weir and a record of fish travelling across the weir is recorded on equipment
• Construction of a counter hut adjacent to the weir.
• A galvanised steel walkway was installed over the weir to give access.
• The site is located approximately 1.2km from the public road.
• A temporary cofferdam was constructed on the Lackagh river in a specialist are of conservation.  This was used to construct the in-situ concrete weir in two halves to allows the river to flow around each phase and avoid over-pumping.

As previously mentioned our Quality and Environmental Management Plan contained a range of actions taking into consideration the sensitivity of the works location and emergency procedures were in place for any events that were included in the Risk Register in the Construction State H&S Plan which included:
• Fuel Spills
• Heavy Rain fall procedures (as this river had a significant catchment area)
• More details are available on the Project Folder.