These works were undertaken to provide a new trunk supply main to transfer potable water from Illes Water Treatment Works to Birdstown WTW under the remedial action list of schemes requiring urgent action in Donegal. Source was employed as the main contractor and the role of PSCS on the project and to execute the works with less disruption and a better quality of product for the client.


The works comprised of the following:-

  • Installation by open cut and Directional Drill of 565m of 150mm dia and 200mm dia UPVC through Burnfoot Town. Followed by an additional combination of 1,700m of 180mmOD SDR17 and 1700m of 225mm OD HPPE pipe on the main R238/R239 roads.
  • Connection from the 200mm Asbestos inlet pumping main to the reservoir at the Birdstown WTW including flow metering and PRV installation.
  • Installation of Flow Meter on Birdstown WTW pumped inlet main
  • Works on the Burnfoot River to install a 250mm OD HDPE pipe and 180mm OD HDPE pipe across the Burnfoot River using trenchless technologies. The works was also located in a Special Area of Conservation.
  • Reinstatement of 5,000m2 of trench works followed by surface dressing with high PSV rated chippings.
  • All works included traffic management carried out on the busy R238/R239 road, the gateway to Inishowen.
  • Installation of all sluice valves, hydrants, air valves and bulk meters to the new mains, including chambers and marker posts.
  • All associated M&E works.