Source Civil carries out various types of landfill construction & rehabilition.

Carron Landfill Scotland


West Carron Landfill is located approximately 3km north of Falkirk, Scotland. The landfill consists of an area of approx 80 acres.

Source Civil was employed as the main contractor and carried out all Civil works associated with the contract.



The Contract involved the re-grading of the existing side slopes of Cell 1 to a 1:3 profile. This involved the excavation and movement of 30,000m³ of spoil, installation of 10,000m² of new liner. It was necessary to undertake monitoring and containment of leachate and odour outbreaks. Also involved was the installation of leachate drainage and gas collection pipe work. Following completion of the re-grade works the existing liner was exposed and approximately 10,000m² of embankments were capped.

The works were overseen by both the client’s representative Jacobs and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

Source Landfill Services

Source Civil has the experience to carry out management, maintenance and monitoring of landfill sites. Also leachate monitoring and containment of leachate, as well as monitoring and control of odour outbreaks. Installation of leachate drainage and gas collection pipe work.