Source Civil carries out various types of Reinforced Earth Lined Tanks.

Reinforced Earth Lined Tanks (Reed Beds) - Hacketstown

Sludge drying beds most commonly known as Reed Beds are a type of constructed wetlands which uses reed beds or other swampland plants to form a treatment system.

A geosynthetic(GCL) clay liner was used to create an impermeable layer achieving a hydraulic conductivity of 1 x 10 -9 m/s, this along with processed pipework were placed to construct the reed beds.

This along with varous layers of drainage stone and process pipework were placed to construct the sludge drying beds.

In total 8 no. 235m2 Reed Beds were created in order for the operations manager to rotate the sequence of filling each bed to allow sufficient drying time before removing the treated/dewatered sludge. Wastewater filtering through the reed beds is cleaned by microorganisms living on the root system of the reeds to produce clean water.