Source Civil Ltd was specialist civil contractor and carried out all civil works for the 12.5m dia Caisson Shaft consisting of a Storm Holding tank and Pumping Station and deep inlet pipework on behalf of the Main Contractor for Northern Ireland Water. The works involved the construction of a Caisson and Deep Inlet Pipework in a confined site in an urban location.  All works were carried out at night to reduce the impact on the local environment. This included facilitating concrete pours over 110m3.


The works consisted of the following:

Caisson Construction

  • 12.5m Diameter Wide x 9m Deep Caisson Structure.
  • Safety Hand Railing & Access Ladder.
  • In situ concrete pours to collar and base.
  • Deep Manhole Installation including temporary works.
  • Disposal of excavated material.
  • Concrete Collar 
  • Bulk Earthworks removing approx. 800m3 of material.
  • Works in an urban environment.
  • Traffic Management