These works were undertaken as part of a scheme by Cork County Council to install 3km of Fowl sewer and storm water pipelines together with connection to the main foul pipeline and storm system for domestic customers in the little island area of Cork. Source Civil was appointed as the main contractor and PSCS by Cork County Council. Source Civil also assisted in redesigning sections of the planned work to execute the works with minimal disruption and a better quality product for the client.


The works comprised of the following:-

  • Site Preparation and Ground works for the gravity sewerage scheme.
  • 155m of 750mm dia storm pipe lines in road.
  • 107m of 450mm dia storm pipe lines in road.
  • 1700m of 225mm dia sewer pipe lines in road.
  • 432m of 250mm dia HDPE sewer pipelines in poor ground conditions in roads.
  • 600m of 150mm dia HDPE sewer rising mains in road.
  • Design & Installation of all M&E works for 2No 6l/sec pumping stations.
  • Design and Installation of all telemetry requirements as detailed by Cork County Council.
  • Installation and provision of service connections to all properties along pipeline route.
  • Specialised no vibratory rock drilling along route of pipelines adjacent to 900mm dia asbestos cement water main.
  • Reinstatement of all roads and footpaths.
  • Replacement of existing water mains along pipeline route.
  • Connection to existing systems.