Source Civil Ltd was appointed as a specialist civil sub-contractor to carry out works to 3 wastewater treatment plants in Co. Meath in order to upgrade the plants.


The works were identified on a SRP (Site Resolution Plan) carried out by Irish Water.
Works included the following:

Ballivor WwTP

  • Repair damaged sections of air supply pipework, core walls to enlarged process
  • Extend the depth of existing Clarifier Scum Plate by raising the existing clarifier Scum /
    Weir Plate unit

Nobber WwTP

  • Detail Civil Design for structures and Piling
  • Influent / splitter chamber
  • Inlet screen chamber
  • Ground water supply (Borehole)
  • Storm pumps, RAS/WAS pumps chamber
  • Composite Samplers and Flow meter chambers
  • Discharge outlet control chamber
  • Installation of Storm Tank – 6.1m dia by 3.4m

high, Volume of 88m3

  • Piling to Storm tank (12No. x 10m deep bored)
  • Control Building refurbishment works
    Drumconrath WwTP
  • Overflow pump chamber
  • Storm pumps
  • Composite samplers and Flow meters chambers
  • Construction of access Bridge replacement
  • Installation of Culvert – 6m long by 5m wide
  • Culvert piling (4No. UC Section driven 18m deep)
  • Installation of Tank – 6.1m dia by 3.4m high,
    Volume of 88m3
  • Piling to Storm tank (12No. x 16m deep bored)
  • Outlet and headwall construction
  • Control Building refurbishment works