Source Civil Ltd. were appointed PSCS to decommissioning and subsequent removal of existing sewage treatment system at Oilibhéir Pluincéid National School Ranafast. Then construct a new wastewater treatment plant, pump chamber & 150m² sand polishing filter.


The works also comprised of:

  • Design, supply and install preliminary, secondary & 1.00 21,500.00 tertiary treatment tanks TPW Euro Tank 35PE BAF including bulk excavation, rock breaking and concrete base construction.
  • Design, supply and install 4No. Ter3 Percolation Mod Units including excavation and installation of 150m² sand polishing filter.
  • Construction of new access path to the new treatment plant including hardstanding surround to new treatment plant.
  • Installation of 60m of foul water drainage pipework across existing sports field.
  • Erection of new perimeter fencing to treatment plant.
  • Installation of ducting from the existing school across the public road to supply power to the treatment plant
  • Installation of new water service connection to supply water to new treatment plant
  • Erection of new public lighting column and head within the treatment plant.

These works were carried out in December in quite a wet period so we returned in June to install topsoil to the playing surface, install new land drainage and final grass seeding to the playing pitch.