Source Civil Ltd was appointed as the main contractor to carry out works to the Ballycastle Regional Water Supply Scheme and Rationalisation of water. The
scheme involved decommissioning existing vulnerable water source in Ballycastle and connecting to the Ballina distribution network.


  • Carry out site investigation & Traffic Management
  • Carry out a full topographical survey
  • Update the proposed route on the Indicative Design Drawings
  • Design connection details and thrust block/walls
  • Produce a Design Risk Assessment (DRA)
  • Compilation and Design of Network Modelling through the entire area
  • Carry out Value Engineering Workshops to minimise costs to client
  • Laying of the following SDR 17 Water main by means Open cut and HDD:
    o 6km of 180mm dia Lacken Service Reservoir to Ballycastle Village
    o 0.7km of 160mm dia Ballcastle Village
  • Construction of a new Pumping Station Kiosk in Lacken SR (9l/s)
  • Construction of a new Pumping Station Kiosk in Ballyknock (3l/s)Mechanical & Electrical fit out of duty / standby pumps capable of
    delivering 54m 3 /hour of both kiosks
  • Form 4 panels throughout
  • Chlorine Booster Injection chamber in Lacken SR
  • Construction of new chambers
  • Testing Reinstatement & reinstatement of the new water mains
  • Decommissioning of old Pump house in Ballycastle village