Terryland Water Works is the main source of water treatment for Galway City. The Contract involved the upgrade of all aspects of the water treatment plant to increase both the quality and the output of water at Terryland Water Works. The output had to increase from 33,000 m3 /day to 55,000 m3 /day. Source Civil Ltd partnered with Response Engineering Ltd where we carried out all civil works associated with the contract. The plant had to remain in operation and had to produce as always the
current standard of water and output at all times therefore there had to be careful planning and execution of the works at all times so as not to disrupt the flows or quality of the water


The works comprised of the following:-

  • 600mm Ø. Raw Water Pipe Manifold.
  • Insitu Concrete Chamber for the raw water Manifold with removable roof.
  • Installation of New Raw water intake screens & access road to intake pipes
  • Installation of new raw water fine screens at the raw water tank
  • Construction of Bunded Chemical Storage area & chemical dosing building.
  • Construction of new UV filters control building around existing prefab
  • Installation of 600mm Ø raw water pipe lines and connections
  • Construction of Insitu Concrete Flocculation Tank.
  • Construction of new ESB substation and Electrical control rooms.
  • Modifications to and sealing of concrete in existing filters.
  • Diversions & Modifications to existing pipe work
  • Concrete Chambers
  • Power and Telemetry Ducting
  • Chemical dosing Pipe work
  • Roads and footpaths
  • Fencing & Landscaping.