Source Civil were appointed to carry out all Civil works to Design & Build 3No. Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kilkenny on behalf of Response Engineering. Part of the contract included Directionally Drilling the rising main from the pumping station to the wastewater treatment plant.


The works comprised of the following works:

• Directional Drilling of HDPE Rising Mains whilst upgrading the network.
• Included 1 no directional drilling river crossing and culvert crossings
• Upgrading the existing sewer networks to connect into the new system.
• Ancillary works including access roads, footpaths, fencing and landscaping.

• Design & Construction of 3 no. Wastewater Treatment Plants in Kilkenny including network upgrades and outlining pumping stations.
• 14mx 6m x 5m In Situ Concrete Tank; Deep Pumping Station incorporating sheet piling circa volume 260m3. In exceptionally difficult & confined triangular site surrounded by 2 rivers and a public roadway.
• Design & Construction of 11 no Precast Concrete Tanks with Wall Heights of 4.5 meters with diameters ranging from 6 meters to 9 meters as well as 9 no smaller precast tanks.