Pressuried pipeline system called a sewer force main or rising main from where the sewage is discharged into a gravity manhole. From here the cycle starts all over again until the sewage reaches its point of destination—usually a treatment plant.

Barassie Rising Main

The works consisted of 1.1km of 630mm OD HDPE SDR21 foul pumping main pipe through fields which had to be tied into points both sides of the A92 Road 5m below ground and at each end of the site. Temporary works were carried out namely sheet piles to gain access to tie in locations. the works also involved the lowering of the ground water table level by means of Well Point De-watering which is shown later in the Specialist Works section.

Ballylongford Rising Main

Ballylongford Rising Main consisted of just under 1km of  rising mains ranging in sizes from 150mm, 225mm in diameter

Freshford Rising Main

Freshford Rising main included Directional Drilling of 140mm OD HDPE Rising Mains whilst upgrading the network included a river crossing and a culvert crossing.